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April 28, 2011

With finals nearly over and the weather getting warmer, summer is looming around the figurative corner. What better to start the summer vacation with a summer wish list post!

I’m going to try to keep this the least mundane as possible. I’m content with the fact that I’m not going to Disney World or Puerto Rico this year.. Just kidding, I don’t even see how I’m supposed to be happy with summer without either destination on my summer list.

I love and miss you, Disney World.

This summer is going to be spent locally. My only planned trip outside the state is to the Outer Banks in July, I believe. Oh! And there is a trip to Hershey Park with Ben. His first trip, actually. It’s going to be great and you’ll be sure to hear about that.

As for local fun, I live in a small town in Maryland. There’s a lot of farms and forests and shopping malls. It’s your typical sprawl. There are a few walking trails which I plan on taking advantage of! Perhaps with my bike so it will go by fast. I like walking trails, but I don’t like devoting my time to them if that makes sense.

I want this bike so bad! At least the cruiser sort of style, anyway. Completely unsuitable for the trails I live by. You need a mountain bike, pretty much.

I’m an outdoorsy person when I feel like it and this summer, I think I might actually tan. We have a pool and I attend to be a lean-mean-swimming-machine AKA a mako shark? I need a new bathing suit, but I’ve cut my hair super short since I have the kind of hair that does not fair well when wet. That’s right, I have curls. Frizzy little curls that like to poof out like I’m Hurley from Lost. But ten times worse. It’s the burden I must carry for being so devilishly beautiful.

I'm getting me one of these babies.

One final thing I am looking forward to this summer is the purchase of my first dress form (pictured above). It has only been my dream since I first decided to become a fashion major. This summer, I am going to sew like no-one’s business. I hope to have a few designs done by the time fall semester starts and especially before the spring fashion show begins their garment reviews!

Time to get studying for my final exams as a Sophomore. As for the rest of th summer, prepare for person photo uploads, adventurous tales, many complaints about how much I hate insects and sunburn, and the coveted bunny photo post.


Cirque Noir

April 25, 2011

In the spirit of an old Kanye joke: I’m sorry NYC Fashion Week but Marymount’s Portfolio in Motion 2011 was the best fashion show of all time.

I know this post is coming incredibly late, mostly due to the fact that I had taken 200 photos and they needed to be edited AND the last week of classes just ended. But, I just had to share my thoughts of this amazing event.

Cirque Noir!

One difference from last year which I absolutely love was the backdrop. Last year, it was almost like dry wall. In fact, many in-store fashion shows are like that. There’s nothing wrong with it! I just love how this year they used light blocking curtains. It gave the illusion of a tent and it was just aesthetically pleasing.


For those who do not know, I modeled in the last year show. So, I know behind the scenes things and a lot of the things I noticed with the show were technical. This year I knew I wouldn’t have enough time for classes and the incredibly long hours put into the show, so I decided just to become an audience member.

So in sync with each other!

I really don’t have much to say other than it was amazing. I mean, I took two hundred photos! The zoo does not get over two hundred photos! Maybe collectively, but just in one sitting and within an hour?! Bravo, Marymount! The choreography was to die for. I also need to apologize for all the designer names and model names I am not posting right now, but everyone was just spectacular.

Am I sorry that I wasn’t in the show this year? YES. Would I go back and audition? Nope!
I’m glad I was able to watch it and not stress about being part of the structure. It was breath-taking.


April 14, 2011

So we all know the government shut down did not happen, thank the government. However, that didn’t stop Ben and I from pretending it shut down. How does it effect us? Well, it just kinda destroyed all aspects of a fun weekend.



If the government was to shut down, all of the museums and even the zoo would have to as well. Loyal followers probably gasped, “every fiber of the Alexis being is going to be in shambles!” And for the hours I thought the grim reality was inching closer, I was in complete shambles.

I am the broke college student who probably spends more on food and metro than necessities, so I depend on these free aspects of DC to get by. I had spent most of my money on Portfolio in Motion tickets, so what was left was all the weekend had to survive.


Star Wars : New Hope is symoblic for the new hope I found in.. oh whatever. This awesome design was created by an artist named Olly Moss.

Our plans became increasingly simple: lay around and watch movies.
Though, the government never did shut down, our expert plans were still carried out. Mostly due to the fact we woke up incredibly late and didn’t realize the government was even alive at that point. So, it was our ignorance which killed the weekend.

Except, we still went to the zoo on Sunday and guess who we saw…


THE BABY LIONS! This is a picture taken not by me and during some time in which we had snow..


The lions are not the only babies at the zoo right now. There’s a baby crane (aggressive crane, might I add) and this beautiful little anteater named Pablo. Funny story with his name: His mother was given three pots, each hiding a certain piece of food and she picked her favorite. Pablo is Pablo because she liked the smell of hard boiled eggs.


Pablo chilling on his mom's back as she takes on the daunting task of sniffing out his name.

To end this post on an even lighter note.. Well, maybe not as light at adorable baby animals, but this is incredibly positive to me! I just have one more weekend left at Marymount!
Now that I think about it, that’s not cool at all. But, this weekend is also Marymount’s Portfolio in Motion which is the giant fashion show. My roommate, my friends, and fellow blogger Sarah are modeling/designing things for the show and I will totally be in attendance with a camera. Next post will be my second annual Portfolio in Motion post, this time as a spectator! Hopefully, my third year will be as a designer.





April 7, 2011

There is really not a lot of down time during the end of the spring semester. You begin the semester with building up to the midterms, then you stress over midterms. Even spring break is filled with midterms. After midterms, you just become stressed with the idea of finals.

Dealing with the stress is actually the easiest part of the semester. So much that you could get carried away with relaxing that you take forever to get to work. I’m talking about procrastination. It’s the sworn enemy of college students.


Say hello to my latest weakness.


Computer games, movies, and occasionally TV shows always get me. Mostly computer games. Movies, I have to be in a certain mood and that can easily be ruined by hunger, thirst, the bathroom, or just the sleepies. I had put the Sims 2 on my Dell during winter break, but that instantly ruined everything as it nearly destroyed my computer every time I’d play. I also installed Roller Coaster Tycoon, the original, but I misplaced the CD. I tried to put in Oregon Trail, but that was another failure. The only games I could play were Spider Solitaire and that Chinese tile game I can never pronounce.

I hope you see the trend, if it has a hard copy, I cannot play it. That’s where Minecraft fits perfectly. It’s downloaded onto my computer and no disk needed. It’s much like Roller Coaster Tycoon, the Sims, and Oregon Trail all mixed into one. You are, well, yourself in pixel form. You’ve spawned in this strange 8-bit land with nothing but your pixel hands. With them you can smack at the trunks of trees until you gain wood to make wooden pick axes. The wooden pick axes help you mine stone and you can make better weapons.

The land is not barren. There’s loads of minerals and stones as well as animals. Pigs, cows, chickens, and sheep all at your disposal or entertainment. You can dig into a grassy hill or find an already open cave for you mining needs. Beware of the creeps of the night!


This is a creeper and he explodes upon seeing you and your beautiful mining home. I hate him.


Creepers, or jealous walking bombs, will stalk you if you’re within their realm of darkness. I’ve had one wait for me to get close so it could explode and destroy all my work. Frankensteins hit you, I guess, I’ve never really been attacked. Archers are skeletons who shoot arrows at you and spiders are just giant spiders. When the sunrises they all burn so adventuring is only ill advised during the night.

My latest adventure included a hot lava covered cave, the misfortune of being lost with little supplies, and the joy of mining diamonds. Experiences vary in the game, as landscapes vary and such. You can play on a server with your friends or a multitude of strangers. I play alone. Mostly because Ben and I haven’t worked out a server thing yet. Ben is actually my enabler. He showed the greatest waste of time ever since my addiction to that online horse training game.

Thank you Ben.